Getting Started with Audio Recording and Editing

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15 September 2022 | 7:00 - 9:00pm
22 September 2022 | 7:00 - 9:00pm
Centre 42 Office, 42 Waterloo Street
Pan Zai'En, Eugene Koh

Sign up now for either or both Workshop sessions! Participants will also get a free 30min slot outside of the workshop time to record a demo audio clip on their own.

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Interested to get started on your audio projects but not sure where or how to begin? Join us in this 2-part workshop series where we introduce you to the basics of audio recording and editing. You’ll get to be familiar with recording at the C42 podcast facility for your future projects and bring home handy tricks to brush up on your editing skills.


15 September, Thursday
An Introduction to C42’s Podcast Facility
7 - 9pm

In this session,discover and learn the features of the audio equipment available at C42’s Podcast Facility to record your own podcast, voice reel or audio play. This sharing is conducted by Eugene Koh, Documentation Executive at Centre 42.


  • Welcome, Speaker Introduction [10 min]
  • Introduction to the Podcast Facility [15 min]
  • Demonstration of podcast machine PodTrak P8 [25 min]
  • Demonstration of how to export audio files to a portable laptop [20 min]
  • Break [5 min]
  • Each participant gets to try recording and exporting a small sample audio (<3min) using the PodTrak P8 [40 min]
  • Closing [10 min]
16 - 21 September
Individual Recording Sessions
Booking Required

Participants who signed up for the first and second sharing sessions are invited to book a 30 minute recording session at the Podcast Facility. Limited slots available, first-come-first-served.

22 September, Thursday
Editing Audio

In this hands-on session, learn to edit your recorded voice clips with Audio Engineer Pan Zai'En, from Artwave.

Whether you are editing a podcast, a voice reel or an audio play, you will learn to:

- Treat "unwanted" Noise
- Equalise for voice and
- Apply Compression to create a good sounding clip.

Participants are to bring a sample clip, their own laptops and headphones.


  • Welcome, Speaker Introduction [10 min]
  • Basics of Editing [20 min]
  • Individual Work [40 min]
  • Break [5 min]
  • Sharing of edited clips, providing tips and tricks [45 min]

The C42 Podcast Facility was created to support the production of Backlogues: An Arts Management Podcast Series, an audio documentation project in collaboration with Sing Lit Station and Artwave Studio, and supported by the NAC Organisation Transformation Grant. The Podcast Facility is available for Arts SEPs to book and use. Find out more here.

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