The Vault: Yeast

Start date of Residency
20 April 2022
Masthead Image
Masthead Image
20 April 2022
1 July 2022 | 8:00pm
2 July 2022 | 8:00pm
Black Box, 42 Waterloo Street

Rating: R18 (Mature Content and Coarse Language)

Admission: By Donation


Content Warning: Strong language, depictions of sexual violence, racial prejudices and suicide

Yeast is an all female adaptation of the 2006 play Smegma. 

Smegma was written by Elangovan and was originally slated to be staged by Agni Kootthu (Theatre of Fire) in 2006. The play is a series of ten vignettes depicting imbalances of power dynamics, socio-economic paradoxes and moral dilemmas. 

In Yeast, playwright Euginia Tan has edited and dissected the play to put women at the forefront of its violence, representing the aggression of the masses. How are women portrayed on stage as both perpetrators and victims, on an equal playing field? Are women roles given as much confrontational autonomy as male roles?

Yeast is a dramatised reading of this new adaptation directed by Aidli Mosbit, and performed by Joanne Ng, Nessa Anwar, Neo Swee Lin and Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai. 

About Smegma

Smegma was originally slated to be staged by Agni Kootthu (Theatre of Fire) on 5th to 6th August 2006 at the Guinness Theatre, The Substation, with support from the Arts Fund. The performance was given an Arts Entertainment License with RA18 (Restricted Artistic 18 years and above only) rating and advisory: “The play contains strong language and adult themes that may be objectionable to some members of the public” by the Media Content Division (Publications and Arts) of the Media Development Authority (MDA) on Tuesday 1 August 2006. The license was cancelled on Friday 4 August 2006. As a result, Smegma could not be staged.  

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Programme Booklet

Programme Booklet for The Vault: Yeast


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Euginia Tan
Joanne Ng
Neo Swee Lin
Nessa Anwar
Samzy Jo
Production Assistant