Type of work supported

The Residency welcomes proposals from projects that are:
Focused on the process of creation
In their “upstream” phases, focused on ideation, research and drafts
To be documented as part of their incubation process with C42
Under by Ang Hui Bin & Lee Shyh Jih
Amidst the seemingly never ending daily grind of city dwelling, the past caught up with a widowed man and a widowed woman in their twilight years. Reunited after decades in separate marriages, they found themselves confronted with an emotion tsunami surging from suppressed trembles in yesteryears. Can they make up for the lost time? Can they find peace before their flesh perish? UNDER is a closeup study of non verbal communications between the hearts through the lens of video framing, at times w
Start: 15 December 2021


What kind of support will Centre 42 provide?
  • Space:
    • Up to 40 hours of rehearsal space support, of which 10 hours are dedicated to a mid or end-point sharing
    • Early access to venue booking with the Arts Resource Hub @ 42 Waterloo Street
  • Documentation support, subject to the availability of resources

Centre 42 may also provide marketing, logistical support and venue support for public engagement sessions (e.g. mid-point sharing) held as part of the Residency.

What is expected of Residents?

As the residency is catered to projects in more upstream stages of performance creation, Residents should open their projects up for one mid-point or end-point sharing of their process. In addition, they should provide one documentation piece, as well as one artist reflection to further chart the process of the creation.

How do I apply to be under the Creation Residency?

Centre 42 will open 2 seasonal calls per year for projects to be a part of the Creation Residency. Interested artists should submit a project proposal that articulates clearly the

  1. concept or idea
  2. artist’s motivation and voice
  3. plan for development of the project during the residency period
  4. desired outcomes from the process and at the critical reception
How does Centre 42 select proposals?

Evaluation of the submitted projects will be conducted by the Centre 42 team. External parties with the right expertise may be invited to provide an alternative perspective.

Priority is given to

  • Projects in their ‘upstream’ phases (ie ideation, research, drafts) and less so to productions that merely require rehearsal spaces
  • Artists who are ready to participate in the documentation of their incubation process with C42

Selection is also dependent on the availability of Centre 42’s resources during the proposed residency time frame (i.e. budget, space and manpower)

How often does this residency accept artists-in-residence?

Centre 42 will open 2 seasonal calls per year for projects to be a part of the Creation Residency. Up to 3 projects can be supported every season.