Year in Review 2020

19 December 2020 | 3:00 - 4:30pm

Year in Review 2020

A banner with a paper textured background, of "Year in Review 2020", with the title enclosed within a QR code in the center. On the left, lies an array of colours and an illustration of a leaf, and on the right lies the date and time of the event.

Year in Review 2020 is presented by Centre 42 and ArtsEquator


How do we make sense of 2020? Year in Review 2020 is an invitation to the Singapore theatre community to gather and unpack this year, to try and make meaning, or to just find a space to decompress.

For some, this year has been a journey of opportunity and learning; for others, a year of unwanted change and a yearning for the way it was before. It’s been described as a pause, a loss, an unlearning and more. How have we been impacted, as art makers and workers, to audiences and supporters? How have you been coping? What will 2021 bring?

In this fourth edition of the annual Year in Review gathering, we’ll tackle the mess that is 2020 and our community’s resilience to adapting to uncertainty. For the first time, Year in Review goes online and adopts the Open Space (or Unconference) format, where anyone is free to propose topics for discussion, and multiple sessions will be held concurrently in breakout rooms.

Join us online to ponder, discuss, or simply unwind together. To help jog your memory of the past 12 months, we will be releasing a timeline of Singapore Theatre in 2020a podcast and infographics on key trends and highlights in local theatre in 2020.

Programme Highlights

Year in Review 2020 took place on 19 Dec 2020 on Zoom. The theatre community gathered to unpack the year, to try and make meaning, or to just find a space to decompress.