Year in Review 2017

14 December 2017 | 8:00 - 10:00pm
Black Box, Centre 42

Give-What-You-Can (Cash only, at the door)

In the Living Room: Year in Reviews 2017

A pink banner of the "In the Living Room: Year In Reviews" series for 2017.

Year in Review 2017 is part of Living Room under Centre 42


What were the performances that captivated you and what were the ones that left you cold in 2017?

As the year draws to a close, we invite you to revisit the local productions staged in 2017 with critics from Centre 42’s critical writing platform Citizens’ Reviews and online arts publication ArtsEquator.

Join us in the Living Room as the panel of seven reviewers discuss and debate the best and the most disappointing productions, performances, design, and other theatrical experiences they witnessed in the last 12 months. The session will be moderated by Robin Loon, chief editor of Citizens’ Reviews.

An accompanying exhibition featuring the 2017 productions and ephemera from our Repository archive will be held in the Front Courtyard.

Event Highlights

A panel of seven reviewers from Centre 42’s critical writing platform Citizens’ Reviews and online arts publication ArtsEquator revisited the local productions staged in 2017. The session was moderated by Robin Loon, chief editor of Citizens’ Reviews.


The last Centre 42 event of 2017, “In the Living Room: Year in Reviews” was held on 14 December 2017. Six of the Centre’s Citizen Reviewers and Kathy Rowland from ArtsEquator were invited to look back and share their opinions on the local theatre productions they watched this year. The session, which was moderated by Citizens’ Reviews’ chief editor Robin Loon, was divided into six sections: 2017 as the year of the musical; The Necessary Stage’s 30th anniversary season; productions by smaller collectives; the most disappointing and exciting shows the panellists watched this year; and what they’re looking forward to most in 2018. Photos: Daniel Teo

Source: Centre 42 Facebook 

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Kathy Rowland
Reviewer, Managing Editor
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