Love Letters to 42

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5 February - 1 May 2021 | 10:00am - 10:00pm


Following the announcement of renovations to 42 Waterloo Street from May 2020, we would like to invite fellow arts-makers to reflect on the past six years of Centre 42’s existence, and to share how much Centre 42 means to us.  

Love Letters to 42 is a loving tribute to Centre 42, comprising love letters from different individuals, to be collected and organised as an online repository of personal reflections and memories associated with Centre 42 and the iconic blue house on 42 Waterloo Street. 

Coordinated by Pei Qin and Jean, this project aims to capture the memories and sentiments of the arts community who have benefitted from working with and within Centre 42. We also hope to showcase how the physical spaces of 42 Waterloo street have nurtured the intangible bonds between the diverse individuals and groups in the arts community.

Open Call

Calling all artists who have worked at and/or with Centre 42 before! Do you have personal memories associated with specific spaces within Centre 42? 

If you have a personal memory associated with a specific physical space in Centre 42, write about it in a love letter to Centre 42. You may choose from any of the following spaces:

  1. Front gate/low walls of Centre 42
  2. Front Courtyard
  3. Mango Tree
  4. Black Box
  5. Office (in Annexe 2F)
  6. Inner Courtyard 
  7. Alley
  8. Meeting Room
  9. Rehearsal Studio 
  10. Library 
  11. Any other location within Centre 42


  • No longer than half an A4 page (Word doc format)
  • Written text only (any language/ dialect)
  • Please let us know how you would like to be credited.
  • Deadline: 1 May 2020

Please send your submissions and enquiries to


Jean Tay
Thong Pei Qin