The Critical Ecologies Crossword

Try your hand at cracking some of the words and phrases that have been used frequently by the working team during their six-month residency period!

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1. Anomaly
4. Emotion
6. Bahasa
7. Care
8. Political
10. Resilience
13. Pakiramdaman
14. Censorship

2. Negotiation
3. Conversational
5. Subjective
9. Jembatan
11. Interactive
12. Liveness

under c42

Critical Ecologies | Critical Anomalies
Critical Ecologies | Critical Anomalies consists of a team of 12 critics and writers, as well as documenters and translators from Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Led by coordinator Corrie Tan, the collective is interested in mapping ecologies and vocabularies of critique in the region, and theorizing critique from regions of Southeast Asia in a collaborative way. There will be an emphasis on care ethics and care studies as applied to performance criticism, how critics are situate
10 January 2022