NUS-SHELL Short Plays Series: Prize Winning Plays Volume IV

Paperback; 167 pages
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Preview of NUS-Shell Short Play Series: Prize Winning Plays Volume IV. Pages have been omitted in this book preview.


"These seven plays are among the best of the forty-two entries received for the 1989 NUS-Shell Short Play Competition. The judges do not think that the plays, on the whole, are of a standard comparable to those submitted for the previous years, which resulted in there being no first-prize award this year; all the same, they are still sufficiently impressed by the bold and sustained exploration of contemporary themes which have not often been expressed in Singaporean writing. The judges are also pleased to find among the prize-winners authors who have either won prizes or entered previous competitions as this shows continued interest in the Competition as a discoverer of dramatic talent...


"... The stage must provided the next, and more definitive, valuation of success. These plays, not withstanding their ability in winning prizes in competitions and perhaps because of the reservations expressed, must await reworking and workshopping in most cases, to test if they will succeed on stage. The Shell Friday lunchtime Programme continues to provide the stage. There are, in this volume, ample opportunities for drama groups to discover how and which of these plays will flourish as theatre." 

– Robert Yeo (Editor)

(Source: NUS-Shell Short Play Series: Prize Winning Plays Volume IV introduction)


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