Robin Loon


Dr Robin Loon is a playwright, academic, dramaturg and general nosey-parker who has been ‘credited’ with bringing together Michele Lim, Chiu Chien Seen & Casey Lim to form the TAFY collective.

Robin’s professional play-writing career began as a member of the first Theatreworks’ Writers’ Laboratory in 1990. As a playwright, Robin Loon’s recent works include contributing text to LIFT [TheatreWorks, 2013]. as writer and dramaturg of CASTING BACK [Esplanade’s 10th Anniversary 2012], as translator & dramaturg for 男男自语 [Singapore Arts Festival 2012], as writer & dramaturg of BLUE PRINCE [The Blue Statemen, 2012], as writer of MATA HATI [Teater Ekamatra, 2011].

Apart from play-writing, Robin Loon also consults on many theatre projects as dramaturgs. He was the co-commissioning dramaturg for FULL FRONTAL (2007-2009), a directors’ incubation platform at the Singapore Arts Festival; and subsequently, he was appointed Commissioning dramaturg for OPEN STUDIO (2010-2012), Singapore Arts Festival Platform for new works. Robin Loon currently teaches the Introduction to Theatre & Performance module & modules in Singapore English Language Theatre & Theatre Criticism at the Theatre Studies Programme, National University of Singapore.


Script Translator, Dramaturg