Aidli 'Alin' Mosbit

Theatre Practitioner

AIDLI MOSBIT graduated from Queensland University of Technology and has worked extensively with local companies like The Necessary Stage, Teater Kami, Wild Rice, Cake Theatre, Toy Factory, The Theatre Practice, Teater Ekamatra and Drama Box. With Noor Effendy Ibrahim and Alfian Sa’at, Aidli published an anthology of Malay plays in the book, BISIK. She toured to Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Romania, Hong Kong and Hungary, performing Singapore-brand theatre. Recipient of the Young Artist Award for Theatre in 2008, she played the leading role of Murni alongside Malaysia’s legendary actor, Datuk Haji Rahim Razali, in the film Sayang Disayang (2013) by Sanif Olek which was Singapore’s Official 2015 Oscar® Entry for Best Foreign Language Film. In 2016, she published her collection of Malay plays entitled CHANTEK. CHANTEK was awarded the Hadiah Persuratan (Literary Award) 2017 by the Malay Language Council, Singapore. Aidli is currently working in Temasek Polytechnic as the Deputy Manager of the Arts Division, in the Student Development & Alumni Affairs department and has a Master of Education from the University of Adelaide.

Photography by HuzStudio




Performer, Translator