Saleem Hadi


Saleem Hadi is an award-winning hybrid visual-storyteller who uses theatre and film to shed light on national narratives and social issues. He is also a bilingual (Tamil & English) writer who writes scripts (tv/theatre/films), poems and short stories. Saleem Hadi is the first Singaporean to have won the REEL IDEA STUDIO’s CANNES 2008 DISTINGUISHED COMMUNITY DOCUMENTARY AWARD for his documentary. Saleem had been contributing heavily to Singapore’s arts and media industry since 1999. Saleem had written, directed and produced more than 20 plays (both in English and Tamil) and 20 short films, some of which had won and were featured in international festivals. Saleem won the 1st Prize for his English short story in NAC’s prestigious 2017 Golden Point Award Literary Competition. Saleem Hadi is currently championing a nation-wide Indian short film archival project, THEINDBOX.SG, under his non-profit organization, Singapore Indian Theatre & Film Explorers (SITFE) Ltd (