Zaki Zain

Zaki is a Singapore-based dancer honing his skills in Malay traditional and contemporary forms. Originally a Malay traditional dancer, he incorporates the vocabulary of Malay traditional dance forms into his contemporary works, complementing one another in every aspect possible, or ‘impossible’. Zaki believes to provoke the minds of his viewers means to have a longer-lasting impact on them, to have the viewers acceptance of a perspective, to have the viewers... think. He believes in thought-provoking works as it allows room for him to further develop his works even more, provoking even his own thoughts, and he does this through experimentation of ideas. Zaki is also very curious and eager to discover more deeply about the arts. He is currently receiving the guidance of Soultari Amin Farid with a work-in-progress Insanity, In Sanity. Zaki desires growth in himself as a creator, as human, and he will take the chances that come.