Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (2020)

6 November 2020 – 8 November 2020 @ SISTIC Live, Online


A grandmother is dying.
Her grandson is in New York and she’s in Singapore. He refuses to come home and she puts her foot down. She buys him a flat and he buys her a coffin.

A woman and a man are in love.
A third party buys a bed but gets nothing else. Three’s a crowd but no one wants to budge. Does love know no boundaries or is there just too much greed?

A criminal is on the loose.
His father is going berserk. His mother has bought breakfast but no one wants to eat. 

The Devil pays all three families a visit and a torrent of tears ensues.
The sea engulfs them and all must learn to float. 
Between the devil and the deep blue sea, someone has to make a choice and cope.

Director, Playwright & Set Designer: Chong Tze Chien
Assistant Director: Chong Gua Khee

Sound Designer & Music Composer: Darren Ng
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen

Performers: Graduating students of NAFA Diploma in Theatre (English Drama) 2020

Production Manager: Celestine Wong
Stage Manager & Sound Operator: Gillian Ong
Costume and Props Coordinator: Ang Hui Bin
Set Drafter & Coordinator: Lam Dan Fong
Lighting Operator: Brenda Mok
Surtitle Operator: Cherie Tan
Technical Crew: Ian Tan, Raywyn Zayne Tan

(Source: The Finger Players Website)

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Chong Tze Chien
Director, Playwright, Set Designer
Chong Gua Khee
Assistant Director
Darren Ng
Sound Designer, Music Composer
Lim Woan Wen
Lighting Designer
Celestine Wong
Production Manager
Gillian Ong
Stage Manager, Sound Operator
Ang Hui Bin
Costume Coordinator, Props Coordinator
Lam Dan Fong
Set Draftsman, Set Coordinator


The Present/Future Season (2020), Programme
Programme for The Present/Future Season (2020). 
The Finger Players, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Recorded: 23 October 2020
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2020), Poster
Poster for Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2020). 
The Finger Players, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Recorded: 6 November 2020