Medea (2017)

12 October 2017 – 14 October 2017 @ Drama Centre Black Box, National Library building


A foreigner from an ancient civilization, Medea becomes the perpetual outsider in a city defined by self-proclaimed civility and rule of law. When her husband deserts her to marry the daughter of the city’s Premiere, she is left utterly displaced. Facing imminent exile with nothing save the skin on her back, she redirects her anguish into vengeance, punishes her enemies and horrifies the populace by spilling the blood of her own children on their very ground.

One of the most fascinating mythological figures of all time, Medea has come to be a symbol for the marginalized in almost every religious and cultural context. Ever resonant, Medea’s myth reverberates from the fringes where the alarming cries of the oppressed warn of the shattering consequences of their defiance.

Siti Khalijah Zainal takes on the towering task of inspiring both fear and awe as Medea. With a magnetic cast of seven, CAKE’s creation of Medea materializes at the intersection of myth and contemporary turbulence, and breaks bread with long time collaborators Brian Gothong Tan, Philip Tan, Andy Lim and in-house design collective neontights in Cake’s third re-imagined classic, after Ophelia and Electra.

Director & Writer: Natalie Hennedige

Production Designer: Neon Tights
Sound Designer: Philip Tan
Lighting Designer: Stage "Live"
Multimedia & Puppet Design: Brian Gothong Tan
Makeup: Haslina Ismail

Al-Matin Yatim
Ghafir Akbar
Sharda Harrison
Kieran H Yi
Siti Khalijah bte Zainal
Suhaili Safari
Lian Sutton

(Source: Cake Theatrical Productions Website)

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Natalie Hennedige
Director, Writer
Philip Tan
Sound Designer
Brian Gothong Tan
Multimedia Designer, Puppet Designer
Ghafir Akbar