Anything Can Happen/Something Must Happen (2019)

4 July 2019 – 7 July 2019 @ Aliwal Arts Centre


“I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage. A man walks across this empty space whilst someone else is watching him, and this is all that is needed for an act of theatre to be engaged.” – The Empty Space, Peter Brook 

An empty space. 19 actors. An audience.

Is that all it takes for a theatrical event to happen? What is theatre? And can it exist without an audience? 

In the brand-new Studio @ WILD RICE, a hitherto empty space, Young & W!LD invites you to enter a world of theatrical ideas and possibilities. Through a constellation of words and images, the company unpacks how theatre is made and how it helps us make sense of the world in which we live. 

Written by acclaimed theatre-maker Edith Podesta in collaboration with Young & W!LD, Anything Can Happen/Something Must Happen is playful, inventive and experimental – a thrilling experience that asks you to suspend your disbelief as you help us transform an empty space into a theatre. Come and be a part of the drama!

Director, Playwright & Set Designer: Edith Podesta
Lighting Designer: Tai Zi Feng
Sound Designer: Bani Haykal

Azura Farid
Mitchell Fang
Nicole Hofbauer
Izzul Irfan
Vivianne Li
Lim Jun De
Lim Shien Hian
Benjamin Lye Jin Yang
Ong Xue Min
Melissa Peh
Marshall Poh
Rajkumar Thiagaras
Cheryl Tan
Isaac Tan
Shannen Tan
Vera Toh
Eve Voigtlander
Wong Jin Yi
Zulfiqar Izzudin

Costume Coordinator: Theresa Chan
Production Manager: Melissa Teoh
Stage Manager: Mirabel Neo
Producer: Tony Trickett 

(Source: Wild Rice Website)


Edith Podesta
Director, Playwright, Set Designer
Tai Zi Feng
Lighting Designer
Bani Haykal
Sound Designer


Anything Can Happen/Something Must Happen (2019), Review
Anything Can Happen, and Edutainment Did Wild Rice’s youth division, Young & Wild, returns for a fifth iteration. Part lecture-performance and part experimental Shakespeare, Anything Can Happen, Something Must Happen stitches a mix of performance genres and forms onto the bard’s Macbeth. The work plays with the delivery of its canonised source text in imaginative ways, from an interactive camp segment to table-top puppetry involving edible cookies. Every so often, it breaks produ
Cordelia Lee
Reviewed: 7 July 2019