Drums (2016)

14 May 2016 – 15 May 2016 @ Recital Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


Two of the most exciting directors from Japan and Singapore, Shigeki Nakano and Chong Tze Chien, inject their bold and invigorating interpretations of the modern noh (a form of theatre orginating in the 14th century) classic, The Damask Drum, by Yukio Mishima.

Regarded as the father of modern noh drama, Mishima’s adaptation from the original tale by 14th century playwright Zeami Motokiyo, centres around an old man's infatuation with a beautiful neighbour. This results in his suicide when the latter and her associates play a nasty trick on him, making him perform an impossible task in exchange for a kiss.

Presented as a double bill, each director brings his own perspective and group of actors into this dark piece about obsession, cruelty, and the weight of our actions, which can sometimes return to haunt us.

(Source: Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay programme)



Playwright, Director & Concept: Shigeki Nakano
Interpreter/Script Translator: Saoko Ikuno

Cast: Maki Koizumi, Takeshi Fukuda, Yuya Tanaka, Myra Loke, Ellison Tan

Stage Manager: Celestine Wong


Original Script: Yukio Mishima
Edited By: Chong Tze Chien
Director: Chong Tze Chien
Script Translator: Saoko Ikuno

Cast: Jean Ng, Oliver Chong (featuring the voice of Remesh Panicker as The Narrator and Fujima)

Sound Artist & Music Composer: Darren Ng
Costume Designer: MAX.TAN

Stage Manager: Tan Xiang Yi
Assistant Stage Manager: Marilyn Ang


Set Design Concept: Shigeki Nakano & Chong Tze Chien
Set Consultant/Coordinator: Oliver Chong
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Make-up Artists: Haslina Ismail, Intanwati
Production Manager: Lam Dan Fong
Surtitlist: Shawn Chua

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Shigeki Nakano
Playwright, Director, Conceptualizer, Set Concept
Chong Tze Chien
Director, Set Concept, Script Editor
Yukio Mishima
Original Playwright
Saoko Ikuno
Interpreter, Script Translator
Maki Koizumi
Takeshi Fukuda
Yuya Tanaka


Drums (2016), Flyer
Flyer for Drums (2016).
The Finger Players
Recorded: 14 May 2016
Drums (2016), Programme
Programme for Drums (2016).
The Finger Players
Recorded: 14 May 2016