Unlike Some People (2010)

22 September 2010 – 29 September 2010 @ Drama Centre Black Box


Love, hate, and twisted games in Sam and Jo’s trendy New York apartment.

3 fashionable but desperate couples claw their way through a night of alcohol and secrets. Will their friendships survive? Will their marriages crumble? Will the devastating truth that they are denying eventually consume them all?

Into this emotional minefield step the elegantly enigmatic Elizabeth and her ominous companion, Oscar, claiming to be Jo’s relatives. They are warmly embraced by everyone but Sam. What does Sam know? Why will he not believe them?

Written by multiple Drama Desk Award, Tony Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Albee, this shocking play of games and intrigue explodes onto the stage in this bold young & W!LD production.


Johannes Hadi
Grace Soo
Adi Jamaludin
Elizabeth Loh
Kamal Abdul Rahim
Grace Khoo
Faizal Abdullah
Yin Mei J J Lenden-Hitchcock

Creative Team

Playwright: Edward Albee
Director: Jonathan Lim

Set Designer: Eucien
Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan
Sound Designer: Bang Wenfu
Hair Designer: Leong
Make-up Designer: Haslina Ismail, M.A.C

Production Manager: Leong Mun Hoi
Deputy Stage Manager: Dawn Quek
Producer: Tony Trickett

(Source: Wild Rice Website)


Unlike Some People (2010), Review
Tongue Twisted It's tough work for the Young & W!LD ensemble, and quite a few of them flounder in the alphabet soup of the script. I hate to admit it, but it's true. So much of acting depends on your accent. Imagine a guy with a Louisiana twang trying to play Teo Ah Beng in Army Daze, or for a girl with an Oxbridge stiff upper lip performing as Ma in Boom. Scary, isn't it? Likewise, when some Singaporean actors attempt eloquence in British or American plays, what results is pretty
Ng Yi-Sheng
Reviewed: 26 September 2010