Angkat (2017)

20 December 2017 – 24 December 2017 @ Auditorium, Malay Heritage Centre

Artist Residency Program


Salma, a National Idol hopeful, is asked to alter her image so as to appeal to the masses. As compromises are made, she starts to question her identity, creating a clash between her roots and her upbringing as an adopted child.

Salmah and her adoptive mother Khadijah are made to face the consequences of their actions in the past, present and inevitable future. Will the forces of fate and nature tear them apart or bring them closer together?


Erwin Shah Ismail, Faizal Abdullah, Farez Najid, Norsiah Ramly, Sahirrah Safit 

Artistic Team

Conceptualised by: Nabilah Said
Written & devised by: Irfan Kasban & the cast of Angkat 

Director & Set Designer: Irfan Kasban 
Sound Design: Tini Aliman
Collateral Design: Akbar Syadiq 

(Source: Teater Ekamatra Website)


Erwin Shah Ismail
Cast, Devisor
Faizal Abdullah
Cast, Devisor
Farez Najid
Cast, Devisor
Farez Najid
Cast, Devisor
Sahirrah Safit
Cast, Devisor
Nabilah Said
Irfan Kasban
Playwright, Devisor, Director, Set Designer
Tini Aliman
Sound Designer


Angkat (2017), Review
Almost immediately, Angkat dives into the action. Salmah (played by Sahirrah Safit), a National Idol (a Singapore Idol analogue) hopeful, is grilled by three agents on her race and her identity. Surrounded by a set comprising wooden and cardboard boxes, they plan their media strategy to turn her into the next singing sensation, vacillating between their conceptions of the modern and conservative Muslim woman. It is a promising start to the 90-minute play, providing ample material for the play to e
Myle Yan Tay
Reviewed: 20 December 2017