Electrify My World (2021)

8 October 2021 – 17 October 2021 @ Multi-Purpose Hall, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre


In 1879, scientific genius Thomas Edison successfully created the world's first practical incandescent bulb. He was about to light up New York and the entire world, using his Direct Current electrical system. Along came another inventor Nikola Tesla who insisted that his Alternating Current electrical system was superior to Edison's. A battle ensued, as ambitions and aspirations clashed in this "War of Currents". What drove these great minds to achieve the impossible, and what must they learn to sacrifice in order to truly benefit the world? 

Inspired by historical events, Electrify My World by Nine Years Theatre is a power-charged, original play that will jolt you into seeing Science and Humanity in new light.

Playwright/Director: Nelson Chia
Producer: Mia Chee
Assistant Producer: Sarah Tang

Jodi Chan
Mia Chee
Shu Yi Ching
Hang Qian Chou
Neo Hai Bin
Timothy Wan

Set Design: Petrina Dawn Tan
Lighting Design: Liu Yong Huay Faith
Costume Design: Yuan Zhiying, Jacqueline Teo
Sound Artist/Composer: Ng Jing (Ctrl Fre@k)
Sound System Design: Ctrl Fre@k

Surtitle Translator: Hang Qian Chou
Performance Makeup: The Make Up Room
Hair Stylist: Ashley Lim

Production Manager: Lam Dan Fong
Technical Manager: Kailash
Stage Manager: Celestine Wong
Assistant Stage Managers: Alethea Koh, Gillian Ong

Lighting Operator and Programmer: Yvonne Mo
Sound Operator: Lee Yew Jin
Surtitle Operator: Tennie Su 

Wardrobe Mistress: Theresa Chan
Dresser: Muhammad Isa bin Sulaiman

Front of House Manager: Kwah Wei Ting
Key Visual & Title Logo: Ryan Loi
Key Visual Makeup: Delanie Wong

Video on Demand Team: Thunk Pte Ltd (Ler Jiyuan, Ong Boon Kok, Stanley Soh, Wan Man, Zen Yeo)

Admin Executive: Kwah Wei Ting
Publicity Executive: Valerie Chua
Accountant: Lynzie Au Yeung 

(Source: Synopsis from Nine Years Theatre Website and Credits from Nine Years Theatre Programme)


Nelson Chia
Playwright, Director
Mia Chee
Producer, Cast
Sarah Tang
Assistant Producer
Hang Qian Chou
Cast, Surtitle Translator


Electrify My World (2021), Programme
Programme for Electrify My World (2021). 
Nine Years Theatre
Recorded: 8 October 2021