Audition (2022)

24 August 2022 – 28 August 2022 @ A Mirage, Projector X Riverside


On the cusp of leaving school, Divya must choose between following her passion for theatre and pleasing her family. As tension clouds the atmosphere at home, she escapes into her imagination to search for answers. But when tragedy strikes, her choice becomes more complicated than she could imagine.

Moving between reality and dreams, Audition shows us the intersection of warmth, love, and struggle at the heart of this special family.

Audition has been developed under the Playwrights Commune's long-term writers group, and was originally written for a workshop conducted by Haresh Sharma and The Necessary Stage.

Written by: Amitha Pagolu
Directed by: Indumathi Tamilselvan

Starring: Aiswarya Nair, Periyachi Roshini, Ahamed Ali Khan

Stage Managed by: Nicole Tandjung
Produced by: Pearlyn Tay, Theo Chen

(Source: A Mirage)


Audition (2022), Programme
Programme for Audition (2022). 
A Mirage
Recorded: 24 August 2022
Audition (2022), Poster
Poster for Audition (2022). 
A Mirage
Recorded: 24 August 2022