I'm Always With You (2022)

8 July 2022 – 9 July 2022 @ Multipurpose Hall, Aliwal Arts Centre


Split Theatre’s Work On Resigning Ensemble presents I’m Always With You, a performance in response to Haresh Sharma’s Sea, originally created and presented by The Necessary Stage.

8 actors find themselves on a boat. A cacophony of stories, songs, and movement emerges. Will you ride the wave with me? Will you promise to be here? A trace right there - it disappears. Peace, be still.

Watch how each of our eight Singaporean archetypes navigate their world - holding on tightly to who they think they are, while gradually letting go of their self-importance as they relate to another.

Director-Facilitator: Darryl Lim
Marketing Executive: Mabel Yeo
Marketing Designer: Fadhil Daud
Sound Designer: Te Hao Boon
Production Assistants and Documentarists: Georgia Sim and Christine Koh

Clement Yeo
Cheng Xin Rui
Cheri Hu
Damien Ng
Fadhil Daud
Lim Ci Xuan
Mabel Yeo
Sreya Sanyal

Photography: Chen Zhirong

(Source: Split Theatre)


Darryl Lim
Director, Facilitator
Mabel Yeo
Marketing Executive, Cast
Fadhil Daud
Marketing Designer, Cast
Te Hao Boon
Sound Designer
Georgia Sim
Production Assistant, Documenter
Christine Koh
Production Assistant, Documenter


I'm Always With You (2022), Poster
Poster for I'm Always With You (2022). 
Split Theatre
Recorded: 8 July 2022