Don't Cancer Me Can (2021)

18 December 2021 – 21 December 2021 @ Play Den, The Arts House


"Don't harbour it any longer, past all cure. Don't nurse it in your soil - root it out!"

I look at IT in disgust. For IT is truly a part of me. And when I choose IT, when I choose to say IT, I begin to hate IT.

Follow our response to Oedipus, as we uncover what is truly (y)ours - what is truly THOU.

Director-Facilitator: Darryl Lim
Public Relations: Esther Ng
Marketing Executive: Mabel Yeo
Marketing Designer: Fadhil Daud

Cheng Xin Rui
Clement Yeo
Damien Ng
Ella Wee
Lim Ci Xuan
Lim Jun De
Sreya Sanyal

Photography: Chen Zhirong

(Source: Split Theatre)


Darryl Lim
Director, Facilitator
Esther Ng
Public Relations
Mabel Yeo
Marketing Executive
Fadhil Daud
Marketing Designer


Don't Cancer Me Can (2021), Programme
Programme for Don't Cancer Me Can (2021). 
Split Theatre
Recorded: 18 December 2021