Hands Up! (2021)

5 March 2021 – 7 March 2021 @ Sigma Collective Space


Six people come together to share a gift. A precious gift from within.

It's tough to put your hands up when you're not used to it. It's not easy to raise your hands to say what you really want to say.

And we hope that as we raise our voices to sing what's true to us, you'll do the same and being your tune: in your own time, in your own way.

Writer & Director: Darryl Lim
Assistant Director: Fadhil Daud

Production Manager: Lexus Quek
Stage Manager: Sreya Sanyal

Sound Design: Te Hao Boon

Amanda Kim
Clement Yeo
Ella Wee
Mabel Yeo
Hoe Wei Qi
Cheng Xin Rui

Photography: Fadhil Daud

(Source: Split Theatre)


Darryl Lim
Playwright, Director
Fadhil Daud
Assistant Director, Photographer
Lexus Quek
Production Manager
Sreya Sanyal
Stage Manager
Te Hao Boon
Sound Designer


Hands Up! (2021), Programme
Programme for Hands Up! (2021).
Split Theatre
Recorded: 5 March 2021