Put Your Hands Up! (2019)

3 November 2019 – 3 November 2019 @ Centre 42


"Hi Agamemnon. Welcome to our party. Your party. Because you matter. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for fighting the war. Although I was hoping to see her. You matter. So does she. But I guess a victory is more important for you. Yes. I know you're important." - Cly

"I've been guarding for so long. I've been trying to entertain. I'm on all fours. Can I stand up? Can I put my hands up? Can you hear me out please?" - Watchmen

We're sorry. Let's celebrate your victory. We'll put our hands up. Slowly. We're sure you will too. Eventually.

Your both hands up. In surrender.

Writer & Director: Darryl Lim
Stage Manager: Ng Xue Ying

Cheng Xin Rui
Chia Xin Ying
Fadhil Daud
Hoe Wei Qi
Lim Ci Xuan
Sreya Sanyal
Teresa Chen
Mabel Yeo

Photography: Chen Zhirong

(Source: Split Theatre)