Fourteen (2018)

8 June 2018 – 10 June 2018 @ Centre 42


Structures within a school can be stifling and confining, while students at the age of fourteen have to have the space to play and have fun.

These structures affect the teachers too, for they too need fun and space. Can the detention room really help to change a student?

Can the cane groom the child? Can we spare the rod, and not spoil the child?

Or, really, are we thinking too much?

Writer & Director: Darryl Lim
Stage Managers: Chia Xin Ying and Jaclyn Chong

Cast: Elizabeth Samosir, Fadhil Daud, Mabel Yeo, Ng Xue Ying, Teresa Chen

Photography: Chen Zhirong

(Source: Split Theatre)


Darryl Lim
Playwright, Director
Chia Xin Ying
Stage Manager
Jaclyn Chong
Stage Manager


Fourteen (2018), Poster
Poster for Fourteen (2018). 
Split Theatre
Recorded: 8 June 2018
Fourteen (2018), Programme
Programme for Fourteen (2018).
Split Theatre
Recorded: 8 June 2018