Screen. Shot. (2022)

20 January 2022 – 22 January 2022 @ Studio Theatre, NAFA Campus 3


A Primary School student has gone missing. He was last seen at the Dragonfly After-School Care Centre. The online community erupts in wild speculation. Vivien, the chairperson of the centre, is being called a paedophile. Everyone seems to have an opinion and a truth they present. But no two truths align. Screen. Shot. explores how the rapid propagation of fake news on social media can spiral out of control. How should one behave online where social norms seem to differ from real life interactions?

Director: Juliana Kassim Chan
Asst Director: Damien Ng
Playwright: Dwayne Ng
Producer: Ong Xue Min

Multimedia Designer: Tan Shao Yun
Marketing: Wendi Wee Hian
Dramaturg: Wee Jia Yi

Cast: Patrick Alvarez, Yanshan Seet, Zulfiqar Izzudin

(Source: Bound Theatre)


Damien Ng
Assistant Director
Dwayne Ng
Ong Xue Min
Tan Shao Yun
Multimedia Designer
Wee Jia Yi


Screen. Shot. (2022), Poster
Poster for Screen. Shot. (2022). 
Bound Theatre
Recorded: 20 January 2022
Screen. Shot. (2022), Programme
Programme for Screen. Shot. (2022). 
Bound Theatre
Recorded: 20 January 2022