The Hawker (2019)

13 November 2019 – 17 November 2019 @ Multipurpose Hall, Aliwal Arts Centre


Stories of 9 different people from Singapore society converge in a hawker centre on its last day before closing down after 43 years to make way for redevelopment. With the nation fast progressing, what will it leave behind?

After a sold out first staging at the Asian Youth Theatre Festival 2018, The Second Breakfast Company’s first ever immersive work, The Hawker, is back again – bigger and better! Indulge your inner kaypohness and eavesdrop into the different conversations of this not-so-typical theatrical experience.

Directed by: Tan Hui Er
Assistant Director: Lynn Chia
Playwright: Aslam Shah

Lighting Design by: Woo E-hui
Sound Design by: Vick Low
Set Design by: Shawne Yzelman, Eve Irdina, Irfan Hadi and Samuel Chia

Performed and Devised by:
Dennis Sofian
Fadhil Daud
Hu Yuheng
Ivan Tan
Jaisilan Sathiasilan
Lynnie Cheong
Ong Yi Xuan
Rachel Yen
Val Teh

(Source: The Second Breakfast Company)


Tan Hui Er
Lynn Chia
Assistant Director
Aslam Shah
Woo E-hui
Lighting Designer
Vick Low
Sound Designer
Shawne Yzelman
Set Designer
Eve Irdina
Set Designer
Irfan Hadi
Set Designer


The Hawker (2019), Poster
Poster for The Hawker (2019).
The Second Breakfast Company
Recorded: 13 November 2019