Rumah Dayak (2019)

21 November 2019 – 24 November 2019 @ Malay Heritage Centre


A night-hour safehouse for the troubled youths, dropouts, runaways and delinquents of the Malay community is run by a pair of ex-offenders. When external intervention looms, it will take their collective efforts to keep the walls of their home up. Or will they come tumbling down? Written by Nessa Anwar, Rumah Dayak is an unflinching look at the struggle to guard a home built out of circumstances surrounding poverty, deprivation and abuse.

Performed in Malay and English, with English surtitles. Rating to be advised.

Al-Matin Yatim
Alee Mazrin
Farah Lola
Md Riduan
Rusydina Afiqah
Saifuddin Jumadi
Tysha Khan
Yamin Yusof

Playwright & Director: Nessa Anwar

Set Designer: Mohd Fared Jainal
Lighting Designer: Emanorwatty Saleh

Production Stage Manager: Azy Alias
Assistant Stage Manager: Iffah Idi
Producer: Nabilah Said
Publicity Director: Hazwan Norly

(Source: Rupa co.lab Facebook)


Rumah Dayak (2019), Review
Home is Where You Fight and Sleep Brimming with raucous arguments and tender gestures, Rumah Dayak by Rupa co.lab tells a story of a safehouse wherein six Malay youths seek shelter. The safehouse, brought to existence by Kak Julia (Farah Lola) and Abang Nahar (Al-Matin Yatim), gives troubled Malay youths who do not have anywhere to go a place to sleep, to rest – a home. Over 90 minutes, the definition of a safehouse yawns and stretches. I find myself loving all six kids by the time I walk ou
Teo Xiao Ting
Reviewed: 22 November 2019