Knots (2019)

13 September 2019 – 14 September 2019 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


A woman awakes and finds herself in the underworld, dead. As if that isn't enough, she learns that she needs to rush through her application for reincarnation. She revisits life-changing episodes of her life, only to find out that she has a knot in her heart, one that has been forgotten and buried in her mind ...waiting to be untied.

KNOTS is an original production created by the drama group, STRANGER. Made up of six young artists, STRANGER hopes to tell a story that depicts language politics and societal expectations in Singapore today, and how they influence and inform our life choices.

Creative Team

Playwright: Gong Xin 
Producers: Chng Yi Kai and Teo Pei Si 
Director: STRANGER 艺族 
Directorial Concept: Toh Wee Peng 

Set Designer: Han Xuemei 
Light Designer : Liu Yong Huay 
Sound Designer: Ng Jing


Goh Guat Kian 
Judy Ngo 
Angelina Teo  
Chng Yi Kai 
Kwan Chun Long 
Melody Chan 
Teo Pei Si 

(Source: Arts Republic Website)


Gong Xin
Chng Yi Kai
Producer, Cast
Teo Pei Si
Producer, Cast
Toh Wee Peng
Han Xuemei
Set Designer
Liu Yong Huay
Lighting Designer
Ng Jing
Sound Designer


KNOTS (2019), Review
Brightly, Then No Longer At the end of Knots, the theatre floods with momentary daylight. Pregnant with the complications of dreaming and its consequences (particularly in Singapore), the debut production by theatre collective 艺族STRANGER is set in the underworld crafted by Liu Yong Huay, Ng Jing and Han Xuemei. It walks us through Yuan Yuan’s (Judy Ngo/Teo Pei Si) life and afterlife, as well as her regrets. 结, the Chinese character for “knot”, holds the secondary meaning of “to bear”, as in 结果, lite
Teo Xiao Ting
Reviewed: 14 September 2019