The Block Party (2019)

1 August 2019 – 3 August 2019 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


What makes a party happening?
Do we need food, music, people and space?
What if we don't have any of them?
Can we still party?

The Block Party is a docu-performance that unravels issues often blindsided and mis- represented. Assemble with the tribe and embrace the discomfort as we celebrate small joys among our struggles. Ready to party?

Devised and performed by: The Community Theatre, Beyond Social Services
Directed by: Rizman Putra
Asst Director: Izzaty Ishak

(Source: Peer Pleasure Website)


Rizman Putra
Izzaty Ishak
Assistant Director


The Block Party (2019), Review
Human, After All The energy, from the first, is dazzling. Audience members step into what looks uncannily like a miniature National Day Parade, waving paper flags while red-clad youths shimmy and strut across the stage. Even the arrangement of the seats is coliseum-like, circling the heart of the stage: a minimalist void deck, which transforms over the course of the performance from gathering spot, to classroom, to Malayan kampong. This transformation re-impresses the point: this place is what you make i
Liana Gurung
Reviewed: 1 August 2019