The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree (2019)

4 April 2019 – 6 April 2019 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


Once, a little girl made friends with an old tree. 

But it was going to be taken down to make way for new houses.

So she asked the tree-cutters:
Why do stones not cry?
Why are tears not sweet? 
Why is the midnight sky blue?
Why do stars grow on skies?
Why do people hurt trees?

In a world so ruthless, will we fight for Nature? What does it mean to truly love and protect all living things amongst us?

The Silly Little Girl and The Funny Old Tree was written by theatre practitioner Kuo Pao Kun in 1987. Since then, the play has been taught in schools, and stands as a favourite amongst teachers, students and various drama groups in Singapore. 

Director Ang Gey Pin assumed the lead role in the 1987 premiere of the play. In this rendition, she will lead an ensemble from the Young People Performing Arts Ensemble, as well as a new generation of promising, and emerging actors to devise a highly-anticipated new staging of the iconic play.

Written by: Kuo Pao Kun
Directed by: Ang Gey Pin 

(Source: Young People's Performing Arts Ensemble Facebook)

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Kuo Pao Kun
Ang Gey Pin


The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree (2019), Review
The Silly Little Girl and the Funny Old Tree Loss is a central theme in many of Kuo Pao Kun’s plays from the 1980s and early 1990s – the loss of roots, language, culture, connection; of things that give life a deeper meaning beyond sheer economic progress. In the context of 1980s Singapore, amidst a socio-political environment with an almost singular focus on economic and population growth, Kuo astutely observed that there was a price we were paying as a society. In The Silly Little Girl and the
Jocelyn Chng
Reviewed: 6 April 2019