4S: Stories After Bedtime (2016)

17 November 2016 – 19 November 2016 @ Drama Centre Black Box, National Library building


As you close your eyes to go to sleep after a bedtime story, have you ever wondered if there were stories that didn't have a happy ever after? Perhaps stories that warns you of the ordeal you would face should you succumb to your vices.

Come spend a night with us as we tell you these stories that revolve around the darker side of Malay legends and folktales;

Santau refers to the art of poisoning one's enemies through the use of the wind and Djinns.

Saka refers to the unholy beings that are kept by a person to gain wealth and strength.

Susuk is the practice of inserting charmed needles into one's face so as to remain beautiful.

Seru refers to the art of summoning beings from the other dimension.

Performed in English with some Malay, these stories, inspired by true incidents, will make you question the existence of the supernatural.

Actors: Adi Jamaludin, Elizabeth, Faizal

Stage Manager: Musfirah Kamsin
Lighting Designer: Jim Chan
Production Crew: Irianshah, Syafiqah
Multimedia Operator: Shai

(Source: A.D.I. Concept Website)


Adi Jamaludin
Musfirah Kamsin
Stage Manager
Jim Chan
Lighting Designer
Production Crew
Production Crew
Multimedia Operator


4S: Stories After Bedtime (2016), Review
4S Stories After Bedtime Marketed as a horror genre, this play does not meet the expectations of what the synopsis offered. The play explores four Malay superstitions – Santau, Susuk, Saka, and Seru. The attempt to blend modern humour into the play is applaudable, but ultimately feels over the top and cheesy at best, seeing that unless the play is specifically written to be a combination of horror-comedy, it breaks any and all tension that is set up by the show up to those points. The Black Box is
Jorah Yu
Reviewed: 19 November 2016