Long Weekend (2016)

9 June 2016 – 12 June 2016 @ Goodman Arts Centre


There are friends, and then there are Friends.

Han Lin is struggling with the death of his long time friend Keith. When a visit by his ghost takes them down their past, they are forced to confront their complex relationship and grieve with fresh eyes. Long Weekend exists where what could be, attempts to remember what it is.

Director: Mitchell Fang

Juni Goh
Terry Tan
Te Hao Boon
Shannen Tan
Natasha Kleinman
Zenda Tan
Mario Chan

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Long Weekend (2016), Review
Long Weekend Audiences are welcomed into the multi-purpose hall, rebranded as a classroom space, and prepare themselves for a (tardy) lesson about gay relationship issues and gay history of Singapore. To this reviewer, that is what Long Weekend is about. A “Fresh!” production that’s part of the Twenty-Something Theatre Festival, the 45- minute performance starts with an over-the-top pre-show. Recorded tracks of speeches from both camps of the LGBT movement are on repeat (the one
Isaac Lim
Reviewed: 11 June 2016
Long Weekend (2016), Review
Long Weekend It is incredibly jarring to stroll through the quaint and idyllic Dakota Crescent estate and then walk into the pre-show madness of Kenneth Chia’s Long Weekend. If Dakota Crescent is Singapore’s peaceful exterior, Long Weekend is the hidden interior, full of psychic repression. The play takes place within the head of one Han Lin, mourning the loss of his lover, Keith. They are similar, lanky and with impish grins and bursting with shared anecdotes. Keith appears inside Han
Andrew Yuen
Reviewed: 9 June 2016