Pigeons (2015)

29 January 2015 – 2 February 2015 @ Drama Centre Black Box, National Library building


Pigeons is about betrayal.
Pigeons is about fear.
Pigeons is about inclusion.
Pigeons is about exclusion.
Pigeons is a reminder of our ignorance.

This production has been rated Advisory 16.

Playwright: Suhayla El-Bushra
Producer: Sahirrah Safit
Director: Claire Devine

Ebi Shankara
Kaykay Nizam
Lian Sutton
Mohd Jamil
Rebecca Lee
Sahirrah Safit 

Stage Manager: Gloria Ho
Sound Design/Publicity: Jean Low
Lighting Design: Petrina Dawn Tan
Set Design: Kate Pocklington 

Crew Manager: Petrine Deanne Tan 
Backstage Crew: Petrine Deanne Tan, Tian Devine, Wisely Chow 
Front of House Manager: Monica Parkinson
Front of House Staff: Buds Youth Theatre

Ticketing Officer: Kunjung Wida
Vocal Coach: Claire Devine

(Source: Buds Theatre Website)


Suhayla El-Bushra
Sahirrah Safit
Producer, Cast
Claire Devine
Director, Vocal Coach


Pigeons (2015), Review
Premise Flies Away There are pawns and there are players. Pigeons explores the manipulative forces behind throwing the cats amongst the pigeons but at the expense of the tribulations between two sixteen-year-old teenagers Amir (Kaykay Nizzam) & Ashley (Ebi Shankara), literally. Racial and religious differences are indeed touchy issues, and more often than not, discussions on the topic are very superficial. Pigeons disappoints in that it brings no new light to the situation.
Gabriel Lim
Reviewed: 29 January 2015
Pigeons (2015), Review
Pigeons Would you feed pigeons, encouraging them to populate and embrace them as part of the landscape or would you avoid them like the plague and hope you won’t be blessed by their droppings? Or worse still, would you make it your life’s mission to eradicate them off the face of the earth? What on the surface appears to be a glimpse into the lives of two ordinary teenage boys very quickly degenerates into something much darker. Ashley (played endearingly by Ebi Shankara) and his best mate Amir (Kh
Muhammed Faizad Bin Salim
Reviewed: 30 January 2015