Ring-a-Ring-o'Rosie (2014)

13 July 2014 – 14 July 2014 @ The Substation Theatre


Welcome to “Peaceful Hospital” – a strange hospital with the best doctors and nurses in town.Actually they are vampires who are devoted to healing humans. Together with Gobriel, a low-ranking angel who moonlights as a pharmaceutical sales rep, they are committed to assist humans in finding happiness. The plot thickens as two patients are secretly brought to the hospital. This marks the beginning of a plan to realise the vampires’ long awaited dream.Through its comical fantastic storyline, Ring-a Ring-o’ Rosie will set you thinking – “What does it mean to be human?” and “What is happiness?”

This multi-lingual theatrical production is a collaboration between Theatre Group GUMBO (Japan) and Hatch Theatrics (Singapore).

From Japan: Kayo Tamura, Ryo Nishihara, Yuko Nishimura, Hidefumi Oshiro & Nono Miyasaka.

From Singapore: Faizal Abdullah, Ghazali Muzakir & Gloria Tan

With live music accompaniment by Kaori Satake (piano), Yuko Nishimura (percussion)

(Source: HATCH Website)


Kayo Tamura
Ryo Nishihara
Yuko Nishimura
Cast, Musician
Hidefumi Oshiro
Nono Miyasaka


Ring-a-Ring-o'Rosie (2014), Poster
Poster for Ring-a-Ring-o'Rosie (2014). 
Recorded: 13 July 2014