Lockdown (2014)

28 November 2014 – 29 November 2014 @ The Substation Theatre


The play unravels in the setting of a normal counselling room in a school with a teacher waiting for the arrival of three very important guests. On that very special day, the teacher will be confronted with honesty and truth, and in the very fragile moment of a lockdown due to an unfortunate school fire, Ms Nora is stranded and will have to accept the possibility that she is the only individual left that needs to confront certain realities of the teaching fraternitya reality that the students have so willingly accepted in their daily course as students.

And in that fragile moment, will the teacher be able to remain a teacher? Or will the teacher proves herself to be a terrible student?

Written & Directed By: Raimi Safari
Mentored By: Alin Mosbit
Starring: Shida Mahadi, Farez Najid, Ziyad Bagharib & Andy Yew 

(Source: HATCH Website)


Lockdown (2014), Poster
Poster for Lockdown (2014). 
Recorded: 28 November 2014