Di Manakah Kau Sorokkan Yusof Ishak? (2014)

29 May 2014 – 31 May 2014 @ The Substation Theatre


We make homes out of people.
4 strangers became friends.
It’s a friendship, a brotherhood.
It’s trust, a pure and honest bond.
They sit, talk and they dance.
They recite and create.
They dream of love.
They dream of fun.
They dream of beauty with
orange suffused sunshine.

Directed by Faizal Abdullah

Written by Nur Khairiyah 

Starring : Raimi Safari, Suhaili Safari, Nessa Anwar, Ema Saleh

(Source: HATCH Website)


Di Manakah Kau Sorokkan Yusof Ishak? (2014), Poster
Poster for Di Manakah Kau Sorokkan Yusof Ishak? (2014). 
Recorded: 29 May 2014