The Woman in a Tree on the Hill (1994)

1 June 1994 – 7 June 1994 @ Guinness Theatre, The Substation


Written by Ovidia Yu and directed by Ivan Heng, The Woman in a Tree on the Hill features Heng himself as the lead actor with Malaysian actress Foo May Lyn and four musicians from the UK.

In its aim to fuse East and West, the play draws inspiration from such diverse sources like Peking Opera, Balinese Dance, Cabaret, Cartoons and the production is completely underscored by original live music. By stringing the epic tales of Mr and Mrs Noah (Guardians of the Ark), Nu Wa (Chinese Goddess of Marriage) and the everyday story of Singaporeans Nora and Norman, the play explores the myths of mortals and immortals, as well as the age-old battle of the sexes in a nuanced and poetic manner.

Director: Ivan Heng
Playwright: Ovidia Yu

Cast: Ivan Heng, Foo May Lyn

(Source: National Arts Council Programme)

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Ivan Heng
Director, Cast
Ovidia Yu


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