Paper Men (2012)

27 July 2012 – 28 July 2012 @ Black Box, Telok Ayer Performing Arts Centre


Paper Men is a wonderful satire that centres around the fact that journalists will do anything for a story or to save their career.

Raymond Pathy is an idealistic newspaper intern who bites off more than he can chew when he follows senior reporter Leslie Teoh into a surreal world of blackmail, rumours and disappearing construction workers. Bending the rules to get a front page exclusive, they unintentionally unleash the enigmatic Ahmed Alamgir into the world.

Now caught between their ferocious editor, Andrew Sarchus, and an insanely zealous bureaucrat, Marilyn Rajan, Ray and Leslie have to decide between finding the truth or getting the greatest story of their careers by letting the country descend into chaos.

Playwright: Luke Vijay Somasumdram
Director: Christopher Fok

Yvonne Alaina Lek
Marialaura Lui
Anton Martin
Mustafa Radiuddin Sulaiman
Kim Tan
Luke Vijay Somasumdram
Isaac Tan
Amil Sharif Adam

Sound: Yi Ting Tan
Photography: Marc Nair

(Source: Dark Matter Theatrics)



Paper Men (2012), Poster
Poster for Paper Men (2012). 
The Common Folk
Recorded: 2012