Square Moon (2013)

20 December 2013 – 21 December 2013 @ University Cultural Centre Theatre, National University of Singapore


In a country not too different from Singapore, an escaped political prisoner is apprehended by the country next door, and his lawyer is arrested. What happens next?

Suitable for ages 18 and above.

Director/Adaptor: Peter Sau
Playwright: Wong Souk Yee
Producer: Tan Tee Seng, Chng Suan Tze

Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai
Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png
Sound and Music Designer: Zelda Tatiana Ng
Costume Designer: Theresa Chan
Stage Makeup and Styling: Marcus Khoo

Production Stage Manager: Keira Lee
Assistant Stage Manager: Quah Seok Whee, Daniel Sim Yongen

Sound Assistant and Operator: Al-Mati Yatim
Wardrobe Mistress: Baey Ee Ming
Lighting Programmer Joanne Ng
Stage Assistants: Clarence Zeng, Adrian Heok
Dressers: Cheryl Tay, Jasmine Ang
Makeup, Publicity and Marketing Designer: Ryan Loi

Photographer: Tan Ngiap Heng
House Programme Designer: Tay Khai Xin

Neo Swee Lin
Lim Kay Siu
Zelda Tatiana Ng
Pavan Singh
Hemang Yadav
Erwin Shah Ismail
Koey Foo

(Source: Synopsis from Time Out Website and Credits from The Flying Inkpot Website)


Peter Sau
Director, Adaptation
Wong Souk Yee
Tan Tee Seng
Wong Chee Wai
Set Designer
Dorothy Png
Lighting Designer
Zelda Tatiana Ng
Sound Designer, Music Designer
Theresa Chan
Costume Designer


Square Moon (2013), Review
Not Yet Free It pits realpolitik against integrity, with no obvious villains, so that even as a chorus sings “We Shall Overcome” in the distance, there is no utopian future in sight. Another day, another Mas Selamat satire... But really, this show comes with its own baggage. It's a play about political detention written by an actual former political detainee, Wong Souk Yee, and it’s inspired by the trials not only of Singapore's favourite JI terrorist but also of other victims of Operation Spectru
Ng Yi-Sheng
Reviewed: 20 December 2013
Square Moon (2013), Review
Imprisoning Ideals Wong's layered and psychologically revealing text sticks to the mind and heart in painfully unexpected ways. Square Moon, a play about detention without trial and the wide-ranging effects of political oppression, is inspired by the Marxist conspiracy arrests in 1987, as well as the escape of Mas Selamat in 2008 from Whitley Road Detention Centre in Singapore. The playwright, Wong Souk Yee, was herself detained, along with four others from their theatre group, Third Stage, in 198
Cyril Wong
Reviewed: 20 December 2013