Confessions of 300 Unmarried Men (2006)

February 2006 – February 2006 @ Drama Centre Theatre, Fort Canning Park


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Writers: Tan Tarn How, Ovidia Yu, Desmond Sim, Alfian Sa'at, Eleanor Wong
Director: Paul Sadot

Cast: Timothy Nga, Benjamin Ng, Paerin Choa

Production Designer: Thoranisorn Pitikul
Lighting Designer: Suven Chan
Costume Designer: Vivianne Koh
Make-up: Cosmoprof International

Assistant Production Manager: Pebble Tan
Stage Manager: Grace Chua
Production Manager: Tan Lay Hoon
Producer and Artistic Director: Ekachai Uekrongtham

(Source: The Flying Inkpot Website)

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Tan Tarn How
Ovidia Yu
Desmond Sim
Alfian Sa'at
Eleanor Wong
Paul Sadot


Confessions of 300 Unmarried Men (2006), Review
Men in Action In a show where the writing failed to hit the mark, it is no surprise that the most entertaining scene had nothing to do with a script. Most play programmes are a tawdry mixture of pretension and hype. So, for the most part, is the programme for Confessions of 300 Unmarried Men; however, unlike most of its ilk, the Confessions programme offers something else as well: a deconstructive critique of the play. This critique begins on the first page, which advertises a sc
Matthew Lyon
Reviewed: 18 February 2006