Nagamandala (2014)

2014 – 2014 @ Theatre Studio, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


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Playwright: Girish Karnad
Music Direction: Nawaz Mirajkar
Musicians: Kumaran s/o Sinniah, Rahul Ravindra Parasnis, Raghavendran Rajasekaran

Stage Manager: Faith Lau Kwee Fang
Assistant Stage Manager: Tysha Khan
Crew: Siti Nur Syahadah bte Ali, Devika Satheesh Panicker, Rowena See Er Ya

Costume Designer: Bela Nansi
Set Designer: Wong Chee Wai, Chan Silei
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Sound Effects Designer: Manoj Kumar
Make-up: Salwin Kaur

Daisy Irani
Subin Subaiah
Sharda Maxine Harrison
Aditya Mazumdar
Ravi S. Vellu
Tania Mukherjee
Pooja Dargan

(Source: The Flying Inkpot Website)


Nagamandala (2014), Review
The Old and The New This sort of work is exactly what makes the Singapore theatre scene so diverse and really deserves to be seen by people of all backgrounds. Helmed by the irrepressible husband-and-wife team of Daisy Irani and Subin Subaiah, HuM Theatre has delivered a stream of comic, Western-style plays over the past few years that have been given a distinct Indian Singaporean flavour, and it is lovely to see them take pride of place in the Esplanade's annual Indian Festival of Arts, Kalaa Uts
Naeem Kapadia
Reviewed: 22 November 2014