The Woman In A Tree On A Hill (2001)

1 June 2001 – 2 June 2001 @ Jubilee Hall, Raffles Hotel


By weaving the tales of Mr. & Mrs Noah, Nu Wa, Chinese Goddess of Creation and Marriage, and Nora and Norman, Ovidia Yu's The Woman In A Tree On The Hill explores love, oppression, violence and freedom. It explodes the myths and archetypes surrounding man and woman, subverts preconceived notions of the age-old battle of the sexes and makes a compelling case for reclaiming an individual perspective. All this, set against the backdrop of a global environmental holocaust.

Conceived & Directed: Ivan Heng
Playwright: Ovidia Yu

Performers: Claire Wong, Foo May Lyn
Visual Artists: Amanda Heng, Tan Kai Syng 

(Source: National Arts Council Programme)

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Ivan Heng
Conceptualizer, Director
Ovidia Yu
Amanda Heng
Visual Artist
Tan Kai Syng
Visual Artist


Singapore Arts Festival (2001), Programme
Programme for Singapore Arts Festival (2001). 
National Arts Council
Recorded: 31 May 2001