Confessions of 300 Unmarried Men (1997)

1997 – 1997


Single, divorced, widowed, deserted. There are many words that describe the social state of being unmarried. For myself, coming from the UK, this has for a long time now, been a growing trend rather than a social deviation. In some ways, among the younger generation, it is becoming the norm, the accepted state of being.

It is then years since I last came to Singapore and I find it ironic that at that time I was working on a play dealing with "loneliness". It seems to my outside eyes that many things have changed during this period, and in the wake of this rapid metamorphosis, there dwells a confusion, a defiance and the longing. Many questions and not too many answers.

This play, this collaboration, has also been an education and an update. Five playwrights offering their observations and guidance on the subject of the "unmarried". For myself, it has been educational, confusing and enlighting.

I have, in some ways, taken the role of the celebrant. The challenge for me was how to marry the different passions of five very individual writers and to make it a "fruitful union"/ You may find it very different to your conventional marriage! But therein lies its charm. Enjoy!

– Paul Sadot (Director)

(Source: ACTION Theatre Programme)

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Confessions of 300 Unmarried Man (1997), Programme
Programme for Confessions of 300 Unmarried Man (1997).
ACTION Theatre
Recorded: 1997