Lao Jiu: The Musical (2012)

12 July 2012 – 29 July 2012 @ Drama Centre Theatre, National Library Building


Lao Jiu is one of Kuo Pao Kun's most popular and accessible works. In 2005, Lao Jiu was adapted into a dazzling musical for the first time, and this year it will be restaged as an entirely new creative production to be rolled out featuring an exciting new lineup of performers and creative collaborators! 

As the only son in the family, Lao Jiu (the ninth born) realises that he should grasp the prestigious scholarship opportunity that has opened up for him; yet, he hesitates at the critical junction of attaining the academic prize. Where his passion lies instead is in mastering the traditional art of puppetry. Will Lao Jiu persist in pursuing his dream, or will he continue upon the well-trodden scholarly path? Caught in between what his heart dictates and what his family desires, what decision will he make? 

Creative Team

Original script by: Kuo Pao Kun
Script Adaptation: Liu Xiaoyi
Composer: Eric Ng
Lyricist: Xiaohan 
Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Associate Director & Choreographer: George Chan 

Arranger: Bang Wenfu
Music Director: Julian Wong
Vocal Coach: Lim Shieh Yih 
Percussion Advisor (Puppet): Cheryl Ong 

Set & Costume Designer: Chen Szu-Feng 
Puppet Designer & Trainer: Benjamin Ho (Paper Monkey Theatre)
Lighting Designer: Dorothy Png 
Sound Designer: Shah Tahir 
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
MAC Creative Artist: Beno Lim

Production Team

Production Manager: Lee Bee Bee
Stage Manager: Cecilia Chow 
Assistant Stage Managers: Fu Kailing, Low Chin Yang 

Stage Assistants: Ho Xin Qian, Sing Ee Shawn, Karene Teo Wei Fang, Woo Pan-e
Props Master: Chan Lee Lee
Set & Props Assistant: Woo E-hui 
Wardrobe Mistress: Theresa Chan 
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress: Siti Hamizah bte Othman 
Head Wardrobe Assistant: Asha Ong
Wardrobe Assistants: Eclaire Lim, Nicola Ng 

Lighting Programmer: Ismahadi Putra
Followspot Operators: Tey Yi Shun, Wan Zhi Yi
Music Assistant: Joel Sim 
Sound Engineer: Guo Ningru
Radio Mic Operators: Lew Elim, Lim Kai Hong
Surtitles Translator & Operator: Shang Dianjun 


Conductor & Rehearsal Pianist: Julian Wong
Keyboardist: Tan Kian Wee
Acoustic & Electric Guitar: Feri Susanto
Bassist: Din Safari
Violinist: Lim Hui
Percussionist: Patrick Ang 

Puppet-making Team

Dean Huang, Sing Ee Shawn, Karene Teo Wei Fang, Woo E-Hui, Woo Pan-e


Marcus Chin
Goh Guat Kian
Lim Kay Siu
Jeffrey Low
Inch Chua
Candice de Rozario
Hang Qian Chou
Jo Tan
Zachary Ho
Hung Chit Wah
Lv Lin Xuan 
Joanna Dong
Ric Liu 
Catherine Wong
Edric Hsu
Shi Xin Hui
Edward Choy
Lee Qian Yu
Tay Wei Liang
Gloria Ang Xiao Teng
Trev Neo 
Tan Peng Boon
Olivia Yi-Le Hatton
Lin Yurong Sophie
Victoria Sung Yushin
Toh Keow Woon
Toh Yun Woon 
Lara Wong Ren Ling

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

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Kuo Pao Kun
Original Playwright
Liu Xiaoyi
Eric Ng
George Chan
Associate Director, Choreographer
Bang Wenfu
Music Arranger
Julian Wong
Music Director, Conductor, Musician


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