Romeo & Juliet (2016)

27 April 2016 – 22 May 2016 @ Fort Canning Park


Father Laurence starts to recount the past week's event - a story of two "star-crossed lovers" whose deaths ended the long-running feud between their families, the Capulets and the Montagues.


A brawl breaks out between the followers of the two families, which draws the Prince of Verona to the scene of the fight. He warns both families to keep the peace "on pain of death".

A lovesick Romeo Montagues tells his friend Benvolio that he suffers from unrequited love. Benvolio encourages him to seek other women. 

At the house of the Capulets, Count Paris discusses his proposal of marriage to their daughter Juliet. Capulet invites him to his masked balled that very night, for a chance to woo her. Romeo and Benvolio learn about the party. together with Mercutio and their friends, they gatecrash and Tomeo meets Juliet.


Romeo breaks into the Capulets' orchard, looking for Juliet. She appears at her balcony, they declare their love for each other and make a plan to marry that same day.

Romeo begs Father Laurence to perform the marriage ceremony. Father Laurence agrees in the hope that this will turn the hatred of the two families "to pure love".

Tybalt, Juliet's cousin, challenges Romeo to a fight. But Romeo refuses the challenge, for the secret reason that he is married to a Capulet. Mercutio, horrified by his friend's surrender, provokes a fight with Tybalt. When Romeo tries to intervene, Tybalt fatally wounds Mercutio. In a fit of rage, Romeo kills Tybalt. The prince arrives and banishes Romeo.


Monday Evening

Romeo hides in Father Laurence's call awaiting the Prince's verdict. Upon hearing he is banished from Verona, he threatens to kill himself, but the Nurse and Father Laurence talk him down, and insist that Juliet awaits him that night to consummate their marriage.


Romeo and Juliet awake at dawn after their first night together as a married couple. Romeo leaves for Mantua.

The Capulets announce to Juliet that they have arranged for her to marry Paris.

Juliet runs to Father Laurence for help. He gives her a sleeping potion that will make her appear dead for 24 hours and persuades her to tell her parents that she agrees to the marriage.

Alone in her bedroom, the night before her wedding, Juliet drinks the potion.


The family discovers Juliet, apparently dead, and bury her in the family monument.

News of Juliet's death reaches Romeo. Desperate to die beside her, Romeo buys poison from an apothecary and rushes to the Capulet tomb.


At dawn, Romeo arrives and is confronted by Paris. They fight and Paris is killed. Romeo bids farewell to Juliet, drinks the poison and dies. Just as Father Laurence discovers Romeo's body, Juliet awakes. Devasted by Romeo's death, she stabs herself with his knife.

The Prine arrives to investigate. Father Laurence admits his involvement in the series of events. A grieving Montague and Capulet reconcile over the loss of their children. Father Laurence's hopes for peace in Verona have been fulfilled, though at the heaviest price.

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Daniel Slater

Set Designer: Francis O' Connor
Costume Designer: Moe Kasim
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
Sound Designer: Jeffrey Yue - Ctrl Fre@k
Composer: Ruth Ling
Choreographer: Gordon Choy

Daniel Jenkins
Timothy Wan
William Landsman
Ali Shewring
Benjamin Chow
Mitchell Lagos
Remesh Panicker
Victoria Mintey
David Gooderson
Brendon Fernandez
Thomas Pang
Edward Choy
Jo Kukathas
Cheryl Tan
Shane Mardjuki
Riccardo Cartelli

Yvonne Low
Amanda McDougall
Celine Ng
Evangeline Ng
Lauren Sim
Terry Tan

Stage Manager: Woo Hsia Ling
Deputy Stage Manager: Keira Lee
Assistant Stage Managers: Haironissa Karim, Tara M S Netto

Vocal Coach: David Gooderson
Assistant Costume Designer: Nazri Ishak
Hair & Wigs: Ashley Lim
Make Up: The Make Up Room
Wardrobe Manager: Vivianne Koh
Assistant Wardrobe Manager: Valeree Ray lee
Wardrobe Assistants: Karen Miyuki, Jaclyn Tan, Tan Jia Hui

Set Supervisor: Marc Andre Therrien
Scenic Painter: Natalie Chung
Props Master: Haziq Surajan
Props Assistants: Hydhir Ramli, Engku Nur Hafiszah
Sound Team - Ctrl Fre@k:
Sound System Engineer: Yong Rong Zhao
Sound Operators: Guo Ningru, Lee Yew Jin
Sound Crew/Radio Mic: Elim Lew, Teo Wee Boon, Oscar Suderman
Stage Crew: Mohamad Muzzaffarshah Bin Ismail, Lee Zi Chang
Production Assistants: Leah Sim, Jamila Moraes

(Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Programme)

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William Shakespeare
Daniel Slater
Francis O' Connor
Set Designer
Moe Kasim
Costume Designer
Gabriel Chan
Lighting Designer
Jeffrey Yue
Sound Designer
Ruth Ling
Gordon Choy


Romeo & Juliet (2016), Programme
Programme for Romeo & Juliet (2016).
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Recorded: 27 April 2016
Romeo & Juliet (2016), Brochure
Brochure for Romeo & Juliet (2016).
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Recorded: 27 April 2016