Rapunzel (2014)

14 March 2014 – 27 April 2014 @ DBS Arts Centre


"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair."

Stuck in a tower in the middle of the desert, things aren't looking good for Rapunzel - until she discovers a spell that could help her to escape!

However, will her friends Harriet the Roadrunner, Hugo the Armadillo, Montague the Prince and Chester the Camel be able to find the 3 ingredients that she needs for the spell?

What's more, under the close watch of Esme the Witch, will Rapunzel be able to stop her from finding out about the brilliant escape plan?

Book & Music: Youn Yong Park
Book & Lyrics: Susannah Pearse
Director: Lotte Wakeham
Choreographer: Trev Neo
Music Director & Arranger: Dione Tan
Production Designer: Christopher Chua
Lighting Designer: Gabriel Chan
Sound Designer: Ctrl Fre@k (Yong Rong Zhao)

Cheryl Tan
Pamela Imperial
Jejie Esguerra
Eleanor Tan
Trev Neo
Shafiqhah Efandi
Sean Lai

Assistant Music Arranger: Heejin Chun
Wigs: Ashley Lim
Stage Manager: Lu Huen
Assistant Stage Manager: Geraldine Ang
Production Assistant: Alisa Ang
Props Designer: Chan Lee Lee
Costume Coordinator: Joan Tan
Sound Operator: Ctrl Fre@k (Marco Curcio), Ismail Teo
Lighting Operator: Derrick Wong

(Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre Programme)


Youn Yong Park
Playwright, Music
Susannah Pearse
Playwright, Lyricist
Lotte Wakeham
Trev Neo
Choreographer, Cast
Dione Tan
Music Director, Arranger
Christopher Chua
Production Designer
Gabriel Chan
Lighting Designer
Yong Rong Zhao
Sound Designer


Rapunzel (2014), Programme
Programme for Rapunzel (2014).
Singapore Repertory Theatre
Recorded: 14 March 2014