I Came At Last To The Seas (2018)

23 February 2018 – 24 February 2018 @ Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


Six roots of sensation

Man on the move

An infinite journey 

Creative & Production Team

Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Producer: Michele Lim

Stories & Initial Text: Wu Xi
Structure: Kuo Jian Hong
Additional Text: Huang Hung-Chun and Performers
Dramaturgs: Ang Xiao Ting, Huang Hung-Chun

Movement Director: Ming Poon
Set & Costume Designer: Chen Szu-Feng 
Associate Set Designer: Lee Bee Bee
Projection Designers: Genevieve Peck, Ric Liu

Music Composer: Julian Wong
Sound Designer: Sandra Tay 
Lighting Designer: Lea Xiao
Assistant Lighting Designer & Programmer: Bei Wen
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
Makeup Designer: The Make Up Room
Graphic Designer & Photographer: Ric Liu

Assistant to Director, Translator: Ang Xiao Ting
Language Coach: Ng Mun Poh

Technical Director: Kenny Wong 
Production Manager: Michelle Tan
Stage Manager: Eng Sze Kee
Assistant Stage Managers: Brenda Lum Jia Yi, Musfirah Kamsin, Toh Wen Fang, Beverly Liang Jingwen 

Stage Crew: Eric Goh, Peter Chi
Projection Programmer: Low Wee Cheng (CtrlFre@k)
Props Supervisor: Joyce Gan
Scenic Artist: Natalie Chung-Therrien (L'Atelier Scenic Studio)
Surtitle Operator: Zoea Tania Chen Jinyan
Wardrobe Supervisor: Glenna Ng
Assistant Wardrobe Mistress: Valeree Ray Lee


Joanna Dong
Fung Wai-Hung
Huang Yu-Ting
Sugie Phua
Rosa Maria Velasco
Wang Wei Jason
Ethan Wei
Zhao Yu Tao 
Peter Chi
Eric Goh
Beverly Liang Jingwen
Brenda Lum Jia Yi
Musfirah Kamsin
Toh Wen Fang 


Ronan Lim
Ryan Sim
Feri Susanto
Megan Tan
Rit Xu
Riduan Zalani

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)

(Source: The Theatre Practice Programme)


Kuo Jian Hong
Director, Playwright
Michele Lim
Wu Xi
Huang Hung-Chun
Playwright, Dramaturg
Ang Xiao Ting
Dramaturg, Assistant to Director
Ming Poon
Movement Designer
Chen Szu-Feng
Set Designer, Costume Designer
Lee Bee Bee
Associate Set Designer


I Came At Last To The Seas (2018), Programme
Programme for I Came At Last To The Seas (2018). 
The Theatre Practice
Recorded: 23 February 2018