Immortalx (2018)

1 August 2018 – 12 September 2018 @ Practice Space, The Theatre Practice


It is tough to be a teenager
Especially when you are different from everyone else.
And having lived amongst humans for centuries,
These young deities begin to wonder:
In a world where men appear almighty,
Who needs gods anyway?

Directed by The Theatre Practice’s Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong, Immortalx puts a modern twist on traditional Chinese mythology. A winning combination of action and comedy, this modern coming-of-age story follows the adventures of three teenage deities as they search for their place in a world where they don’t quite fit in.

Combining live theatre with multimedia projection, magical illusions and songs, this exciting production also features a dynamic theatre-in-the-round staging, placing audience in the heart of the action.

Creative Team

Original Story Concept: Wu Xi
Story Concept (2018): Kuo Jian Hong, Su Chun Ying 
Playwright: Su Chun Ying 
Director: Kuo Jian Hong 
Assistant Director: Bright Ong 

Set Designer: Szu-Feng Chen
Lighting Designer: Woo E-hui
Sound Designer: Sandra Tay
Music Composer: Julian Wong 
Multimedia Production: Edit & Play Pte Ltd
Costume Designer: Glenna Ng 

Fight Choreography: Gordon Choy
Magic Consultant: Frankie Malachi Yeo 
Script Translator: Ang Xiao Ting 

Production Team

Producer: Michelle Tan
Technical Director: Lee Bee Bee
Production Manager: Joey Cheng 
Stage Manager: Ho Li Yi 
Assistant Stage Manager: Angelly Teo 
Stage Crew: Peter Chi, Chia Run Jin (RJ), Lai Jing Wen, Tan Yi Kai


Ang Xiao Ting
Hao Wei Kai
Frances Lee
Windson Liong
Ng Mun Poh
Gordon Choy
Sugie Phua 

(Source: Synopsis from The Theatre Practice Website and Credits from The Theatre Practice Programme)

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Wu Xi
Kuo Jian Hong
Conceptualizer, Director
Su Chun Ying
Conceptualizer, Playwright
Bright Ong
Assistant Director
Szu-Feng Chen
Set Designer
Woo E-hui
Lighting Designer
Sandra Tay
Sound Designer
Julian Wong
Music Composer


Immortalx (2018), Miscellaneous
Activity sheet for Immortalx (2018). 
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Recorded: 1 August 2018
Immortalx (2018), Programme
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Recorded: 1 August 2018