Liao Zhai Rocks! (2019)

28 March 2019 – 31 March 2019 @ Shanghai Culture Square Theatre, China


Can once-in-a-lifetime happen again?

FATE is when the scholar Sang Xiao meets the vixen fox Ying Ning.
AFFECTION is when Ying Ning hides her identity to be with a mortal.
MISHAP is when the priest Cheng Ban Xian exposes her secret.
FOLLY is when Sang Xiao is tricked by the water spirit Feng San Niang.
LOVE is when Ying Ning risks her life to enter the Underworld.
Will the bittersweet lovers escape the bane of King Yama and change their destiny?

The scholar Sang Xiao falls in love with the fox spirit Ying Ning, but is deceived by the water spirit, Feng San Niang. When Sang Xiao is poisoned and cast into the underworld, Ying Ning must brave the wrath of King Yama, the king of Hell, to rescue her true love and change their destiny.

Inspired by Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio, a collection of classic Chinese stories by Qing dynasty writer Pu Songling, Liao Zhai Rocks! tells a supernatural tale of forbidden love through the explosive force and gritty rawness of rock music.

Directed by The Theatre Practice’s Artistic Director Kuo Jian Hong and helmed by Joanna Dong (Sing! China), this epic rock musical redefined the musical theatre genre in Singapore with its unexpected fusion of classic Chinese stories and a blistering score by Mandopop luminaries Eric Ng and Xiaohan.

Liao Zhai Rocks! made its China debut in 2019 as part of the SAIC·Shanghai Culture Square’s Shanghai International Musical Festival.

Playwright: Wu Xi
Lyricist: Xiaohan
Composer: Eric Ng
Director: Kuo Jian Hong
Choreographer: Seong Hui Xuan 
Arranger: Bang Wenfu
Music Director and Co-Arranger: Julian Wong

Set Designer: Kuo Jian Hong
Lighting Designer: Billy Tang
Costume Designer: Saksit & Phisit, Tube Gallery Bangkok
Sound Designer: Shah Tahir
Hair Designer: Ashley Lim
Makeup Designer: The Make Up Room

Joanna Dong
Inred Liang
Ethel Yap
Liu Xiaoyi
Ric Liu
Yeo Lyle
Su Yong Hao
Ryan Ang
Ang Xiao Ting
Jodi Chan
Juni Goh
Dwayne Lau
Frances Lee
Oliver Pang
Sharon Sum
Tan Shou Chen
Katherine Tang

(Source: The Theatre Practice Website)

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Wu Xi
Eric Ng
Kuo Jian Hong
Director, Set Designer
Seong Hui Xuan
Bang Wenfu
Music Arranger
Julian Wong
Music Director, Music Arranger
Billy Tang
Lighting Designer